Posted on: July 27, 2008 5:14 pm

WNBA skirmish, OkC NBA team naming...

Ok, so not only has it been a while since I got anything on here, the first time i got a few hundred words in and lost the content.
   After a bracket busting march, that made amatuers of many of us who thought we had some kind of insight to share with others, needless to say, i didn't feel quite up to the task of prognosticating.  But for some of us there is a need to share when a unique insight or point of view comes to mind.
On the subject of basketball, the recent fracas in the WNBA made me pause for a few reasons.  Partly due to an interesting op-ed on it by Ryan White, in a, as of late, much improved Oregonian sports section.  As much as I avidly follow my teams in mens basketball, love the fundamental game and have actually helped out with scouting and stat keeping for friends and relatives who work as high school women's basketball coaches, I must guiltily admit that i've found it hard to get excited about women's college ball and WNBA.  But even compared with the women's tournament, which is practically eclipsed by the men's tourney, is easier to follow and get excited about than the WNBA.  Perhaps it is the seasonal nature of the american sports fandom universe, or the cross-advertising (title IX) nature that college sports has tried to adopt.  There are many other arguments of people's inability to embrace professional women's sports and bad advertising/marketing, but however you cut it, there are quite a few basketball fans out there who would patronize this sport at least marginally, whether that be just watching or going to occasional games.  But I digress, the real point is about the scrap that happened in auburn hills.  I realize that there are many legitamate reasons to be concerned about a fight: it's not professional, it's not good role modeling, it's dangerous for causing injuries (which it did).  But let's scale back and realize that this was one incident.  Whatever happened to sexual equality, the NBA usually has at least one noteworthy fight a season, which though the NBA does hand out suspensions for, realizes what it does for publicity; if you want what the NBA has, see what happens when adding a little bit of their formula.  The old PR mantra 'any publicity is good publicity' comes to mind.  After all, violence and strife are what engages a waning interest, just look at the news.      
     On the subject of basketball, the supposed final name choices for the ex-Seattle SuperSonics have surfaced: Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder and Wind.  Since Outlaws, Horse-thieves and Tycoons are out of the mix, let me propose an amended version of one of the already suggested names, the Robber-Barons, or perhaps we could all just call them that if it does end up being the winner.  Let me clear the air, I'm not just another bitter northwest basketball fan who feels like the NBA made a half-assed attempt at keeping the franchise where it was, things weren't working out well in the emerald city for one reason or another.  Let us even ignore the rediculousness of having a "northwest" league that includes portland, salt lake city, denver, mineapolis and oklahoma city (what is this, the NFL?).  The real question is what clay bennett's motivation was in moving to OKC, was it because the Hornets played there for a season, he feels the lower midwest needs a team, or is it becuase he's from there?  Kansas City was once long ago an NBA franchise and Vegas (which is at least within a time zone of the geographical northwest) has also shown interest in an NBA team.  My point is merely that after Mr. Bennett made claims in 2006 that he had a respect for history and would try to keep the team in Seattle seems like he went to an auction, bought a prized commodity and is taking it home with him, whether or not it's good for the league.
    To my Cubbie bretheren, suffering much since the all-star game, look at the bright side, our pitching is good and with the lineup the cubbies have it's just a matter of time till the league leading offense makes it back to form.

'Til later days, don't let 'em tell ya you don't know the game.
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